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so you can focus on building your future

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Are you worried that asking your spouse for a divorce will detonate a war-like conflict?

Does it feel like you can't have a conversation with your partner without it turning into an argument?

Are you struggling with all the changes and decisions coming from your divorce or separation?

Are you worried about the impact on your children?

You're not alone!

What I do and how I can help you

My job is to help people get divorced without going to war.

So you can spend your time, money and energy writing the next chapter of your life, not destroying the previous.

90% of divorcing couples claim they want to divorce amicably, yet 80% of couples who try to a Do-it-Yourself divorce don’t complete it. What makes the difference between those who succeed and those who fail? 3 things: qualified support, proper preparation and the right mindset. I support my clients with all three of these aspects in order to bring them the following benefits:

  • Better decision-making: focused on long-term objectives and the children’s best interests rather than emotional reactions
  • Reduced conflict and costs by keeping their divorce out of court: saving them tens of thousands on court hearings and legal fees. A mediated divorce is on average 97% cheaper than a litigated one!
  • Stronger foundations for their future: by limiting the emotional and financial toll of their divorce, my clients are better equipped to start the next chapter of their life with confidence.

I will support you in reducing arguments with your spouse by improving your negotiation and communication skills. Avoiding the common emotional pitfalls will help you achieve a better divorce, with a reduced psychological and financial cost for everyone.

I work with clients from a variety of backgrounds but I have extensive experience in supporting expatriates and international families who are dealing with the unique situation of living abroad during and after their divorce.

Sessions are available in French and/or English.

The Divorce Circle

Supporting each other through the loneliness of divorce

The Divorce Circle what to expect

Led by professional Divorce Coaches, the Divorce Circle is an online community and support group. The Divorce Circle offers you direct access to peer support and professional guidance when faced with the challenges and emotional rollercoaster of a breakup or divorce.

Join us for an opportunity to share your concerns and challenges, but also provide each other with support and advice, whatever stage of the divorce process you are currently at.

These support groups are designed to remain small and informal. Just grab a cup of tea, coffee or your favourite drink and dial in to a session that suits you!

I am a single mum to 2 pre-teen girls and have been helping people through the challenges of separation since my own divorce nearly 10 years ago. I am Franco-American and  have been living in London for over 15 years.

I have personally experienced divorce twice, in two very different ways. The first time was when my children’s father and I divorced after 6 years of marriage. It was by far the most amicable divorce I’ve ever encountered.

My second experience of divorce, surprisingly, was with the same person, following his sudden move abroad. This iteration involved three different jurisdictions and a complete breakdown in communication. We ended up in court, creating havoc along the way.

My decision to become an Alternative Dispute Resolution professional and Certified Divorce Coach® came to life organically, after several of the people I had been informally helping through their own divorce told me that they never would have managed to get through it without me. I therefore decided to dedicate my time to something particularly purposeful to me: supporting others through one of the most difficult and stressful life transitions they will likely ever experience.

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