Platinum one to one coaching

90% of divorcing couples claim they want to divorce amicably, yet 80% of couples who try to a Do-it-Yourself divorce don’t complete it. What makes the difference between those who succeed and those who fail? 3 things: qualified support, proper preparation and the right mindset. I support my clients with all three of these aspects in order to bring them the following benefits:

  • Better decision-making: focused on long-term objectives and the children’s best interests rather than emotional reactions
  • Reduced conflict and costs by keeping their divorce out of court: saving them tens of thousands on court hearings and legal fees. A mediated divorce is on average 97% cheaper than a litigated one!
  • Stronger foundations for their future: by limiting the emotional and financial toll of their divorce, my clients are better equipped to start the next chapter of their life with confidence.

The UK's Leading Certified Divorce Coach® for expats

I will support you in reducing arguments with your spouse by improving your negotiation and communication skills. Avoiding the common emotional pitfalls will help you achieve a better divorce, with a reduced psychological and financial cost for everyone.

I work with clients from a variety of backgrounds but I have extensive experience in supporting expatriates and international families who are dealing with the unique situation of living abroad during and after their divorce.

Sessions are available in French and/or English.

How does it work?

Prices are the same for in-person or online sessions. I recommend starting with in-person sessions when possible.

Sessions can be purchased as discounted bundles of 3, 6 or 9 hours. 

Beyond any coaching sessions purchased, clients receive the following free bonuses:

- On-demand Whatsapp access to me between sessions for any concerns, questions or new developments they want to discuss

- Regular 30-minute Stay-in-touch calls once we finish working together to help them with any residual items they want to discuss

I am fluent in both French and English and have experience with the British, French and American divorce processes. I am  happy to conduct sessions in English, in French, or a mix of both!

working with a divorce coach

Subject to fair use. If I am not available, please leave a message and I will respond as soon as possible.

Subject to a minimum of 6 hours of paid coaching sessions completed. We will discuss the number of Stay-in-Touch calls you are eligible for at the end of your last session.