• As the client, you understand that a coach is not a therapist. Coaching is designed to focus on taking the actions to help you accomplish the goals that you define. The client accepts responsibility for their own mental health throughout the process.
  • As the client, you understand that a coach is not an attorney and cannot advise you on what your rights are or what issues are involved in your case. You accept responsibility to consult with an attorney regarding any legal matters throughout the process.
  • As the client, you understand that a coach is not a CPA or licensed financial advisor and cannot advise you on financial implications and/or tax matters in my case. You accept responsibility regarding any financial/tax matters throughout the process.
  • As your coach, I may come to recommend other divorce professionals who could help you with your case. Please be aware that I have no control over the advice they might give you and cannot be held accountable for any issues you may have with their services. It is your responsibility to conduct your due diligence and carefully select the professionals you work with.
  • The information exchanged between coach and client is confidential except as required by law.
  • During our coaching relationship, I will likely become privy to information or data about yourself and your family, including but not limited to: session notes, emails, text messages, intake form and this coaching agreement. You hereby consent to me retaining such data in a safe and confidential location for a period of 6 years before destruction. You can request the early disposal of this data by submitting a written request by email to chloe@thedivorceandseparationcoach.com.

Terms and Conditions

One of one coaching T&Cs:

  • Changes and cancellations can be made up to 48 hours in advance, sessions are non-refundable if cancelled or changed less than 48 hours in advance.
  • Prices are based on an hourly rate. Sessions can also be booked for 90 minute slots.
  • Hour-long couple sessions are charged at the 90 minute rate. 
  • Coaching sessions can be purchased as bundles of 3, 6 or 9 hours with a sliding pricing scale.
  • Should you wish to terminate the coaching relationship prior to having used all sessions in your bundle, the remaining sessions will be refunded on a pro-rated basis using the undiscounted hourly rate for sessions already used (on the basis of 1/3 of the 3h bundle price).
  • Bundles are valid for 1 year from their date of purchase.
  • Please ensure you have fully paid for the bundle of your choice at least 48 hours before of booking an appointment to avoid automatic cancellations.
  • Unused sessions can be transferred to someone else subject to prior warning.
  • Prices are the same whether sessions are held in person or online.
  • Smaller bundles of coaching hours cannot be converted into a larger cheaper bundle a posteriori. 

Stronger than Ever Programme T&Cs:

  • There are two payment options:
  1. Pay the full amount upon registering for the programme (this is required to benefit from the early bird registration discount)
  2. Pay in two installments of £409, one at registration and one before the week 6 session.
  • Cancellations can be made for free up until 30 days before the first session. Cancellations made less than 30 days ahead of the first session will incur a 50% penalty charge.
  • Please contact me directly if you want to enquire about refunds part-way through the programme. 
  • Prices are based on the overall Programme offerings. For example, there is no discount if you cannot attend all sessions or don't join the Whatsapp group.