In my clients' words

"I can not thank Chloe enough for her ongoing support throughout the toughest period of my life. Divorcing in a foreign country is not an easy task, especially when you have to deal with complicated law jargon and a procedure that I did not know anything about. I felt like I was moving in the dark. But Chloe's support and guidance made me more confident to face each step of the journey. Having someone calm and positive by my side truly made a big difference. Thank you Chloe!"

Emilie, UK

"I reached out to Chloe a couple of months after my divorce was finalized. I was so drained and exhausted from the ordeal that I had no idea how to start getting my life together again. Chloe explained that she would be my "thinking partner" as I worked through my options, and she 100% delivered on that promise! I only wish I had reached out to her earlier."

M., France

"Chloe was a good listener and she really tried to understand what are the important things for me and how to present them with a good strategy. Also she gave me a lot of advice on what to focus on and how to have a long term plan."

Dipa, UK

"After working with Chloe I felt empowered and inspired by her guidance and support. She is not only a great coach, but also a wonderful person.

If you are looking for a coach who can help you overcome difficult situations or plan strategic goals, I highly recommend Chloe. She will help you transform your life for the better."

Ellen, Ireland

"Chloe's assistance extended well beyond emotional balance—she equipped me with the confidence and skills to communicate effectively with my ex-partner, managing conflicts adeptly. Through practical tools and role plays, she prepared me for high-pressure conversations, ensuring better outcomes. I wholeheartedly recommend Chloe for those seeking guidance and clarity in the challenging realm of international divorce."

Gary, Australia