Building a new life afterwards

People often think that the experience of divorce ends after the final decree is sealed by the court. Unfortunately, even if you never have to see your ex again, the impacts of divorce are often felt for many years afterwards. As time passes, your divorce support system might have dwindled away and you may feel more lonely than ever in overcoming the challenges of your new life.

Struggling to recover from your divorce experience?

We will work together to help you reconnect with your core values and redefine your life after the divorce. No matter what difficulties you are facing (financial, emotional, self-confidence, difficulty moving on...), we will build strategies to rebuild your resilience and set you up for the fulfilling life you deserve.

Facing ongoing challenges with co-parenting?

Effective co-parenting is a recurring challenge for anyone who has children with their ex, and the most common source of arguments. We will work through your co-parenting challenges and identify levers you can pull to improve the quality of your relationship with your ex and preserve your children's best interests.

Are changes in circumstances affecting your arrangements?

It is not uncommon for couples to have to revisit their divorce arrangements a few years later, especially if significant changes occured such as someone getting remarried, losing their job or moving abroad. You can come to me individually or as a couple to discuss required amendments to your arrangements and reach an updated agreement.

Struggling to both respect your agreements?

Despite having financial and child arrangements in place, there might be disagreements about the terms of your divorce for many years after it is finalised. We will explore how you manage these conflicts in a constructive way so that everyone is clear on the terms of the agreements and is fully signed up to both the rights and responsibilities they stipulate.