Expat and International Divorce

I offer specialised services to people in expatriate, international and cross-cultural couples at all stages of the divorce or separation process. While all my other services are fully applicable, it is important to acknowledge the additional layer of complications that come into play when you are getting divorced abroad or across cultures. I have extensive experience working on these types of issues and supporting clients in managing these additional challenges before, during and after divorce. My coaching sessions can be conducted in French and/or English to accommodate your most comfortable language.

Unsure which jurisdiction

to divorce in?

Understanding your divorce goals and your post-divorce plans will be key to deciding on the right jurisdiction for your divorce. I will help you make sure you consider different factors when making this decision: divorce culture in each country, comparative legal costs, and local divorce rules and eligibility.  I can connect you with family lawyers in each country to understand your strategic position in each jurisdiction. 

Need to plan for cross-border parenting and travel?

As a member of an international couple, you will likely find yourself at some point trying to co-parent with your ex across borders. This brings up a whole range of challenges with regards to ongoing contact with the children, parenting time, travel arrangements and costs. I will support you in thinking through everything you need to consider to ensure your child arrangements are robust.

Complex Financial Order due to foreign assets and income?

International couples typically have properties and assets across various countries. Financial arrangements will need to consider the implications of these cross-border divisions, including tax impact, foreign exchange rates and local property laws. In our sessions, we can discuss how to avoid nasty surprises and consult with the right professionals to ensure all factors have been considered.

Debating whether to move back to your home country?

Most international divorces and separations involve some consideration of whether to move back to your home country at some point or another. It is likely one of the two former partners will want to explore the ramifications of such a decision. I will guide you through understanding the impact on the children and the child arrangements, but this can also impact financial provisions .