Reaching a suitable divorce agreement

The divorce process itself can be a whirlwind of challenges, questions and uncertainty. It's not surprising you feel overwhelmed! You'll be navigating an unfamiliar legal process, difficult negotiations and complex decision-making, all at a time when you are already struggling with heartbreak. The importance of setting clear divorce goals and learning how to negotiate your way to a better divorce will be paramount at this stage. This will also help you ensure that you are prepared and confident when presenting your position at mediator meetings, court hearings and negociations.

Unable to have a constructive conversation with your ex?

With everyone's emotions riding high and established conflict patterns already in place, it can prove particularly difficult to have a calm and reasonable conversation with your spouse at divorce time. I will teach you some techniques to de-escalate conflict and communicate your own needs clearly and constructively.

Need help navigating a confusing divorce process?

Feeling confused and overwhelmed by all the uncertainty? I will support you in understanding each step of the process and assessing your options at specific crossroads. In our sessions, we will build an actionable plan for the divorce negotiation process and ensure you are fully prepared for mediation, important meetings or court hearings. 

Too emotional to make such important decisions?

Through our sessions you will learn how to recognise you emotions and focus on your long term objectives and values, as well as your children's wellbeing. I will expose you to different perspectives and help you gather the information you need to make informed decisions. This will be key to helping you make sustainable and non-damaging choices at every step of your divorce and afterwards.

Concerned about the impact on your children?

As you children come to terms with the divorce in their own way, you might need some guidance to ensure that they feel loved and supported, no matter what your soon-to-be-ex is saying or doing.

Together, we will also navigate the challenges of co-parenting effectively during yor divorce, despite the conflict and upset.