Why use a Divorce Coach?

Avoid costly mistakes

Reduce conflicts

Less pain and destruction

Coaching is a results and objectives-based methodology focused on addressing concerns such as:

  • Preparing logistically and emotionally for the separation
  • Understanding and thinking through the many decisions that you need to make before, during and after separation
  • Building negotiation skills,  preparing and bringing clear proposals to mediation sessions, legal meetings and court hearings
  • De-escalating conflict and communicating effectively with the other party
  • Building or strengthening skills to cope with strong emotions, especially at meetings with lawyers and your ex
  • Starting to build towards life post-divorce, as a single parent and perhaps going back to work
  • Building a sustainable co-parenting relationship with your ex.

Key benefits

making better divorce decisions

Better decision-making

By having clear objectives and defining your ideal outcomes, you will  be making decisions based on information and facts rather than emotions and fears.

cheaper and less confictual divorce

Reduced conflict and costs

By developing the skills to negotiate an agreement with your soon-to-be-ex out of court, you will avoid escalation of conflict and expensive legal procedures. 

coming out of divorce strong

Come out stronger

By keeping conflict to a minimum, you are limiting the long-term impact of your divorce on your children, but also on your mental health and your co-parenting relationship with your ex.