Training for lawyers

🌟 Elevate Your Practice with my "Understanding Divorce Coaching" training! 🌟

Are you a dedicated lawyer passionate about providing exceptional support to your clients going through divorce? Enhance your skills and make a profound impact by gaining more knowledge about Divorce Coaching! 

🧠 Why Collaborate with Divorce Coaches?

- Better prepared clients who provide clear instructions and use your time appropriately

- Improved client outcomes and satisfaction

- Stand out in your practice with enhanced support

💡 What You'll Learn:

- What a Divorce Coach is and how to choose one

- The value a Divorce Coach brings to clients beyond the legal support you provide

- The difference between Divorce Coaches and other professions such as Family Mediators and Therapists

- Concrete examples and success stories of how I have supported clients in the past

- When and how to collaborate with a Divorce Coach

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Join a community of forward-thinking lawyers committed to making a difference. Sessions are available on an individual or team/firm basis, in French and in English, in person (London only) or online.

Better prepared clients with clear instructions

Clients come to meetings fully prepared with questions they need answered and clear instructions. This means your client will not be constantly changing the agreed strategy or doubting their objectives.

Fewer contested bills and dissatisfied clients

Clients will have selected their solicitor based on their needs and priorities so they are less likely to change solicitors half way through the process. Because they clearly understand the role of their solicitor, they will know how to optimise their time with you and understand what work their bills relates to.

Your clients will have fully explored the implications of their decisions before instructing you. We will have future-rested and reality-tested their assumptions and requests so that they come to the negotiation table with reasonable proposals and an open mind.

Clients with realistic expectations

Emotionally regulated clients ready to make tough decisions

Your clients will be able to approach legal matters as a business conversation as they will have worked through their emotional response with me. This means you will no longer need to spend long hours supporting your client emotionally. Clients will know how to use the right professional for the right need.