The 3 Cs: A guide to setting yourself up for effective co-parenting after divorce

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free guide on coparenting after divorce

Effective co-parenting after divorce is one of the most common concerns I hear from my clients.  

It is not a surprise to anyone that the divorce process often leads to arguments, resentment, and anger from both parties. The heartbreak that comes along with the separation only adds to the intensity of feelings. But as couples start to look ahead, they often wonder how they will ever be able to co-parent effectively with someone who has generated so much pain and disappointment. That is a valid concern. 

Let’s be honest, many parents never get over the frustration and anger they feel for their ex. Those are deeply embedded feelings that we all have to live with for several years after the storm has passed. But this doesn’t mean they can’t work together effectively to raise their children.  

This guide details my top three tips (“the three Cs”) to set yourself up for effective co-parenting after divorce. These ideally begin during the divorce itself, but can also be applied post-divorce if the co-parenting challenge wasn’t front of mind at the time.